Exhibition Hall
trade shows, product launches, art exhibitions.

Our spacious exhibition hall is designed to showcase your event in grandeur. With its expansive layout and flexible floor plan, this hall is perfect for trade shows, product launches, art exhibitions, and any event that requires a dynamic and interactive setting. The open space allows for creative booth setups and engaging displays, while the high ceilings provide ample room for eye-catching installations. Whether you’re unveiling the latest innovations or hosting an immersive experience, our exhibition hall offers the canvas for your event to leave a lasting impression.

Rental includes

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    General house lighting and air conditioning during the event

    When you choose our event halls, you’re not just selecting a space; you’re choosing an environment designed for comfort and convenience. Our commitment to your event’s success includes providing optimal lighting and climate control. The general house lighting has been meticulously designed to enhance the atmosphere of each hall, ensuring that your event is beautifully illuminated from every angle.

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    Basic chair and/or table set-up:

    Theater style Full Hall 800 chairs or Banquet style 80 tables with max. 800 chairs

    Theater style Half Hall 400 chairs or Banquet style 40 tables with max. 400 chairs

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    Use of the Exhibition Hall the Day Before (Air Conditioning Not Included) for Rehearsals and/or Decoration

    We understand that preparation is key to a flawless event, and that’s why we offer you exclusive access to the exhibition hall a day before your event. This valuable time allows you to rehearse presentations, fine-tune performances, and meticulously arrange decorations, ensuring that everything is set just the way you envision. While the air conditioning may not be included during this pre-event period, rest assured that the layout and facilities of the exhibition hall remain at your disposal.

Exhibition Hall Drawing Plan Preview
Hall Layout and Dimensions

As you explore the Exhibition Hall Drawing Plan preview, envision the possibilities that await you in this dynamic and versatile space. From large-scale exhibitions to immersive showcases, this plan serves as a valuable tool to help you bring your event vision to life. For the complete drawing plan and further details, download the PDF to embark on a journey of creativity, strategic planning, and successful event execution. Your event’s success begins with careful planning, and this drawing plan is your key to unlocking the full potential of our Exhibition Hall.

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