The World Trade Center Curaçao concert venue for the growth of your event.

A World of Solutions…

The World Trade Center Curaçao is the most well-equipped venue for the growth of your business or event in the Caribbean. No matter the size and scope of your commercial needs, we go above and beyond to meet them.

Our facilities are composed of 7 principal parts: Auditoriums, the Trade Mart, the Exhibition Hall, the Business Center, the Executive Congress Center, the International Building and a Hotel & Suites.

Curaçao's oldest global

The World Trade Center Curaçao was conceived under the initial concept of the International Trade Center. The initiator of this project was the developer Eduardo Halabi, with support from Maduro & Curiel’s Bank. Its official opening took place on August 23rd, 1988 and was framed within the launch of the international conference “The great cities of the Americas”. This conference was attended by various international visitors. In attendance were, among others, the governor of Curaçao, Rene Römer, then-prime minister of the former Netherlands Antilles, Maria Liberia Peters, the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Baltasar Corrada del Rio, and the mayor of Miami, Xavier Suarez.

In the year 2000, Dr. Vittorio De Stefano became the majority shareholder of the World Trade Center and expanded its facilities with over 20,000 Sq. mts (215.278 sq. ft.) and expanded the original concept of an events hub to a major business and tourist center focused with focus on education and telecommunications.

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WTC values

  1. We believe in stimulating the private sector as we are convinced this is a significant agent for positive activities on our island.
  2. We are deeply committed to the development of education.
  3. We are a progressive and inclusive organization. Our personnel includes staff members from many nationalities and we have equal gender representation among our workforce.